Deep Experience And Deeper Passion

For more than ten years the Enertegic crew has dedicated themselves to the energy industry, new clean and more efficient technologies and the new business models and opportunities they represent. We believe in the strategic need for more sustainable and cleaner energy as well as the industry’s potential for dramatic growth. We’re not new to these challenges but are a group of seasoned marketing and business professionals with an integrated wealth of experience in this highly specialized field.


Diving Into Your Business Challenges

We can offer our energy clients much more than marketing communications services. In addition to our unique knowledge of the energy industry’s markets, we’re also equipped to counsel our clients on a wide range of business development issues. From marketing, distribution and sales program development to the acquisition of investors, strategic partners, key personnel and business opportunities, Enertegic will find the solutions to the tough challenges your company must overcome to succeed.


The Best Crew Wins The Race

The Enertegic team can provide, help acquire and develop the resources necessary to achieve success in a rapidly changing energy landscape. With decades of experience in advertising, public relations, business development and financing nationally and internationally, we’ve developed powerful relationships and strategic alliances with media, public and private entities, financiers, visionaries and vendors.  It’s a complex energy marketplace - we have the crew and connections to navigate difficult waters so that our clients can become long term leaders in their markets.