Get A JumpStart For Your Early Stage Enterprise

We understand that there are many early stage clean technology companies with limited cash and human resources who are focused on proof of concept, building a company, raising funding and developing a technology to get to market. Enertegic provides needed marketing services for these early stage companies on a deferred or discounted basis and acts as marketing and business development roles within the enterprise as needed.

Of course, Enertegic wins by working with these small companies to help them achieve success, so they will ultimately become larger full-service clients. That’s why we provide the Enertegic “JumpStart” matrix of services, a discounted array of marketing communications and business development services tailored specifically for early stage CleanTech clients at a significant cost savings.

Why Enertegic For Your CleanTech StartUp?

At Enertegic, we understand the challenges for early stage technology companies and the clean technology marketplace. That’s because we’ve worked with a broad range of green, sustainable and environmental b2b, energy and consumer product start-ups. Enertegic and key staffers have had a lot of experience in successfully delivering the matrix of services they require. Our key personnel have also had experience as Entrepreneurs In Residence at established Technology Incubators and as C-Level Executives at several startups.

The specific needs may vary from company to company, but initially the broad needs are almost always the same for an early-stage company with a product or service to be developed, manufactured or created and taken to market. They will need an initial positioning and branding strategy, efficient execution and other communications components to support the raising of capital, awareness and credibility, seeking investment partners, developing strategic alliances, creating the business, developing distribution channels and markets.

The Enertegic “JumpStart” Program


At Enertegic, we’re firm believers in the importance of research in the marketing communications and business development mix. Eventually, as early stage companies grow and prosper, every company should find a way to afford comprehensive market research and due diligence. It’s essential to effective marketing and business planning. 

For our new early stage CleanTech clients who sign up for Enertegic JumpStart services, we’ll research and analyze your business, products and/or services, their sales and distribution channels and markets. Our package of “GreenLight” services may be structured the same for different start-up clients, but the program we design and execute for each will be unique to their specific strategic objectives.

We will deliver a comprehensive strategic planning document that analyses the market opportunities and competitive landscape and outlines our recommendations for a marketing plan and its execution.


Whether in a corporate or product identity, packaging, print literature or the new world of electronic communications, a company’s visual imagery must consistently and positively reflect an understanding of that company’s meaning and value. 

That’s why when we focus on a client’s corporate identity we focus on one thing – getting to the very heart of the client’s brand and the value of its product, service or technology. We start by defining the client’s core message. Then we distill that message, simplifying and discovering links that can convey powerful emotional connections to target customers. The ultimate result of this process is a brand identity that elevates the client’s products and services above an intensely competitive visual landscape.

Our “JumpStart” package of branding and identity services will include:

  • Logo Design (Presentation Of 4-6 Concepts, up to 3 revisions)
  • Stationery Suite (Does Not Include Printing)
  • Tag Line Development
  • Branding  & Mission Statements
  • Graphic Protocols & Master Graphics CD
  • Basic Collateral Materials (Does Not Include Printing Or Photography)


In complex times, trust and credibility are a company’s greatest assets and their web presence is, increasingly, the first and best chance to earn it. Enertegic develops website strategies that build the credibility and trust in brands through simple, informative and useable design; the anticipation of customers’ needs and search paths; methodologies to respond promptly and provide confirmation; simple, yet robust content and client management of that content; and the harnessing of technology to most effectively communicate to those you seek to influence.

Our “JumpStart” package for corporate web sites include:

  • Web Design and  Development (10-12 Pages)
  • Copy and Content
  • Back-end administration tools to simply update site content
  • First Three Months Hosting
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization


Our mission is to help our clients grow by creating the most favorable climate to sell their products and services. To do that takes much more than just putting out news releases. Innovative, creative and compelling methods are needed to introduce firms to potential investors and strategic partners, key influencers and, of course, to their customers. We identify and create opportunities in print, electronic and social media. We work with editors and journalists to develop, write and place stories that promote the strengths that differentiate our clients from their competition.

Our “JumpStart” package of public relations services for emerging companies includes:

  • Public Relations Plan
  • Press Kit (Does Not Include Printing Or Photography)
  • Public Relations Services (First Two Months)
  • 1-2 Press Releases (Does Not Include Wire Service Fees)

A Typical JumpStart Services Timeline


BRANDING AND IDENTITY (2 weeks to initial presentation of concepts, 2 weeks to final materials)

ONLINE DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT (3-4 weeks based on complexity)

PUBLIC RELATIONS (2 weeks to plan, immediate implementation upon approval)

Additional Services

Additional services, available on request and under separate contract, may include:

  • Full Strategic Marketing and Business Research and Planning
  • Business Plan Development For Investors
  • Power Point and Video Presentations
  • Tech “White Papers” & Trade Articles
  • Advertising Production, Media Planning and Placement
  • Full e-Commerce Web Development & Marketing
  • Trade Show and Conference Support
  • Sales Collateral Production Services
  • Event Planning and Execution

JumpStart Program Benefits

The typical cost for the services in Enertegic’s JumpStart package is usually $30-40,000, payable 50% upon signing the agreement and 50% upon completion of all deliverables.

For selected CleanTech startups we will offer the full JumpStart package of services at a discounted price of $25,000 and also on more favorable payment terms of one-third upon signing the agreement, one-third upon completion of all deliverables and one-third 30 days thereafter.

Also, under our Enertegic Equity Participation Program, selected emerging technology companies can defer some or all of the initial JumpStart fees until after a funding event in exchange for equity participation, typically 2.0-3.0%.