Sea Of Change

The energy field is rapidly changing and new and promising technologies are being developed every day. Success will not only be based on the efficacy and ROI of the technology, but on the ability to get the technology to market efficiently and communicating its benefits in a clear and compelling manner.

These are some of the areas Enertegic is passionate about working with exceptional companies to make them market leaders:

Energy Production

Wind, solar PV, CPV & thermal, hydro, microturbine, geothermal, hydrokinetics, biomass, combined heat and power, nanopower, waste to energy

Energy Storage 

Fuel cells, advanced batteries, super capacitors, compressed air, flywheels 

Energy Infrastructure

Energy IT, transmission, smart grid management systems, demand response, net metering, distributed generation

Energy Efficiency

LED lighting, intelligent sensors & networks, automation, conservation, consumer facing communication


 Propulsion, biofuels, advanced structures, EV infrastructure and PHEVs, ZEVs, AEVs

Water Purification & Conservation 

Treatment, desalinization, metering, infrastructure, conservation & management, grey water recycling

Air and Environmental Quality 

Emissions control, emissions monitoring, carbon trading and credits

Sustainable Manufacturing & Materials 

Advanced packaging, monitoring and control, smart production, clean building materials, molecular nanotechnology, biopolymers

Recycling & Land Recovery  

Biodegradable materials, resource preservation, waste processing, brown field adaptive re-use and development, bio & phytoremediation, technology recycling