Navigating A Course

In The New Clean Techonomy

At Enertegic, we beleve the Clean Techonomy is entering a perfect storm to create long term value. Over the next several years the combination of a maturing and sustainable market, continuing government incentives, carbon/environmental awareness, REC monetization and renewable portfolio standards provide great opportunities to create profitable and sustainable companies for the future.

Clean Energy and energy efficiency companies must not only face the challenges of navigating a difficult business environment, but also the complex landscape of public sector programs and regulations. These programs include loans and loan guarantees, tax incentives, grants, rebates, efficiency and renewable energy standards, funding initiatives, regulations and policies. Overlay constant changes and even more complex Federal programs and most companies find they need help to navigate these waters. The Enertegic team has the extensive experience in the strategic planning, legislative and government relations and business development necessary for success in today's complex financial and regulatory environment.